Frequently Asked Questions

I Am Here is a programme that creates a culture of support through compassionate connection. I Am Here helps change beliefs and behaviours associated with mental health and emotional wellbeing through acceptance that it’s ok not to feel ok; and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help.
Yes. The Arena is open and available to everyone, so please share access with your family, friends and fellow Community Members.
Yes. A moderator reviews all comments, replies, posts and stories to determine if they are appropriate and aligned with the I Am Here message before going live on The Arena.
You can sign in to The Arena here. By signing up and logging in, Community Members will be able to contribute to forum discussions, share stories, write blogs and interact with other Members. The Arena is open and available to everyone to see content that has been shared in discussions, webinars, stories and blogs, and to access the I Am Here courseware.

Yes. Anyone can access and take the courses through The Arena.  

  • A Community Member is any person working within the Irish Tourism Industry.
  • A Tribe Member is a Community Member who has completed the I Am Here: Tribe Members course and then becomes an advocate for the I Am Here movement.
  • An Ambassador is a Tribe Member who has completed the I Am Here: Ambassadors course to develop the courage, confidence and skills to act as a signpost to connect people with the help and support they may need.
400,000 Tribe Members and Ambassadors come from all areas of the Irish Tourism Industry. Together, they create a culture where it’s ok not to feel ok; and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help.

The I Am Here journey comprises four components:

  • I Am Here: The Why – Creating Awareness (three-minute video)
  • I Am Here: Tribe Members – Changing Beliefs & Behaviours (30-minute eLearning course)
  • I Am Here: Ambassadors – Building Courage, Confidence & Skills (two-hour eLearning course)
  • I Am Here: The Arena – Sharing Stories, Sharing Support (ongoing supports)

To Show you care is to build a contract of trust that demonstrates you completely accept the Community Member and are offering your support.

There are many ways to Show you care, depending on what feels right for you, your fellow Community Member and the situation.

To Ask the question is to test your assumption that the person is not feeling ok rather than working off a hunch. The clues gained through Show you care guide your questioning so you can delve deeper and gain authentic answers. Be as direct and specific as you can without labelling the person’s situation. 

Call for help is where you hand over the person to the help or support they require. It is entirely the person’s choice to take the help or support offered when you have made the connection. 

Ambassadors are CLEAR, that is, they demonstrate:

  • Compassion – To show compassion is to have the desire to relieve the suffering of another person by showing genuine concern for their situation, acting with kindness and care and being there for them.
  • Listening – You could say that listening actively is the most important skill that underpins I Am Here. Listening carefully involves ‘listening with all your senses’ to understand the person’s full message.
  • Empathy – Showing empathy is the ability to step into another person’s shoes to understand the situation from their perspective.
  • Acceptance – Total acceptance means putting aside your own opinions, values and bias. A person who feels accepted is more likely to trust you to guide them to the help and support on offer.
  • Real – An Ambassador is real and authentic. This means showing up as yourself so that the person can also be themselves.